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  • Latin Brasil Beats ELASTiK
    22 October 2020
    Categories: Audio Samples, ELASTiK

    Latin Brasil Beats ELASTiK

    Latin Brasil Beats ELASTiK

    TALULA | 24.04.2020 | 6.16 GB

    Multitrack Drum Loop Series: Vol. 3

    Latin Brasil Beats is part of the Multitrack Drum Loop Series and provides the authentic vibrance and groove of Latin rhythms. Styles span Samba, Batucada, Calypso, Latin, Maracatu, Bossa Nova, Baile Funk and more. Layered with a suitable 4-on-the-floor kick, they would also easily crossover into pop and dance styles. The drum recordings are pristine and the performances full of character, detail and variation. Latin Brasil Beats can provide the perfect rhythmic heart to your next music project. Irresistible Latin Grooves: The library is built from magesy download a massive 10 GB of sample data and contains more than 3800 individual loops divided into sixteen performance-based folders. Each folder features multiple parts and plenty of performance variations. You can, therefore, build a complete drum performance with ease. The performances were recorded at tempos ranging between 60 and 140bpm. With Elastik’s high-quality tempo-manipulation algorithms, you have plenty of additional flexibility to find the perfect tempo for your project.

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    • Synthlines ELASTiK
      16 October 2020
      Categories: Audio Samples, ELASTiK

      Synthlines ELASTiK

      Synthlines ELASTiK

      TALULA | 18.04.2020 | 1.73 GB

      Elastik Bass and Lead Lines

      All patterns were played on analogue magesy classics like Minimoog or Studio Electronics and recorded without additional EQ or mastering tools. The sound is timeless and all the samples can be mixed and matched with each other to achieve a greater range of variations. Content: All phrases were played by experienced studio musicians with no midi usage or quantization, keeping the groove and essence as natural as possible. Not only were all phrases recorded with three different sounds but each phrase also features two slightly different parameter settings on its respective stereo channels, making it possible to modify the sound even more: By adjusting the pan on a mono channel you can morph between the two variations of a phrase to alter it to your demands. This makes Synthlines a perfect match for when you need a fat bassline or a cool lead for your production. Thanks to the Elastik engine, the key, tempo, pitch, or formant of whole melodies or single notes can be manipulated to the extreme, providing a huge playground for sound-fanatics. Lead your Inspirations!

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      • Lucid MiDi KiT
        15 October 2020
        Categories: Patterns MIDI

        Lucid MiDi KiT

        Lucid MiDi KiT

        TALULA | 17.04.2020 | 6 MB

        ..:: 40 Melodic Midis ::..

        This midi kit is was inspired by superstar artist such as “Juice WRLD, Magesy, Travis Scott, The Lil Tecca, Magesy, Tory Lanez, Trippie Redd, NBA YoungBoy, Roddy Ricch” & many more artist to make beats in the new wave. As music is constantly changing you don’t want to be left behind. Each midi was customly created to give you the ultimate producer experience when it comes to sound selection! Categories: Midis, Melodic, Trap, Drake, Juice Wrld & More.

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        • Synthetic Soundtracks 3 ELASTiK
          10 October 2020
          Categories: Audio Samples, ELASTiK

          Synthetic Soundtracks 3 ELASTiK

          Synthetic Soundtracks 3 ELASTiK

          TALULA | 12.04.2020 | 7 GB

          Episode 3: The Impacts Strike Back

          Synthetic Soundtracks 3 delivers a sense of foreboding. With heavy impacts and pounding rhythms, this is a musical futurescope that hits hard. If you need Cinematic Construction Kits to characterize the sound of destruction and ultimate power in a dystopian world, Synthetic Soundtracks 3 nails it. The moods are dark, disturbing, chaotic and always epic. This is futuristic sound on a grand scale. Big, bad, bold and breathtaking. Relentless Rhythms And Mega-Impacts. The library contains nearly 1500 loops and impacts across 9.9GB of sample data. Ten massive construction kits each contain 4 musical sections and up to two minutes long. Each musical section offers huge flexibility with loops extending up to 16 bars. Each Magesy construction kit also contains an additional folder with dry versions of loops and single-shot drum samples. Throughout the library, instruments include analog-style, synth-based, lead, pad, arpeggio, bass and sub-bass sounds. These are complemented by massive impacts, dark ambiences and a range of sound effects. Drums include both pre-mixed and individual loops. These offer acoustic/electric bass drums, sub-bass drums, cymbals, drum SFX, hi-hats and acoustic/electric snares. Additionally, an addon soundbank with industrial rhythms, atmospheres, more impacts and 3D animated ambiences is included.

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          • Electro Beats Pop ELASTiK
            9 October 2020
            Categories: Audio Samples, ELASTiK

            Electro Beats Pop ELASTiK

            Electro Beats Pop ELASTiK

            TALULA |◘ 11.04.2020 | 2.6 GB

            Does your bass need more punch, your beats to kick harder, your sub to go deeper and your synths to reach super-hero status? If so, you need Electro Beats Pop. As part of the Inspire series, Electro Beats Pop provides a huge collection of super-cool drum beats and super-powered synth loops. This library would make ideal source materials from magesy download Magesy for electronic music producers and media composers looking for fresh inspiration for their next hit of electro pop. Drum Beats That Punch: Electro Beats Pop spans over 3.6 GB of sample data and contains more than 850 individual loops and phrases with a length of eight bars. The material features 32 punchy drum beats, all of which include a full drum Magesy mix and single-track loops for each of the kick, snare, claps, hihat, percussion and FX to you can roll your own variations. Multiple kick drums are available per kit suited for variations or break parts. Separate collections of synth-based percussion, modular synth percussion, sound FX, uplifters (synth risers) and downsweeps (synth drops) are also included to give your beats maximum impact.

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            • Melodic Deep House MULTiFORMAT
              8 October 2020

              Melodic Deep House MULTiFORMAT

              Melodic Deep House MULTi

              TALULA | 10.04.2020 | 259 MB

              .: WAV, MiDi, SPiRE, SYLENTH1 :.

              Melodic Deep House is a collection consists 3 construction kits, extra presets for Spire and Sylenth1.

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              • True Trance Sounds Vol.1 Vol.2 for SYLENTH1
                8 October 2020
                Categories: FXP, Presets, Sylenth1

                True Trance Sounds Vol.1 Vol.2 for SYLENTH1

                True Trance Sounds V1+2 SYLENTH1

                TALULA | 10.04.2020 | V1: 8 MB | ☺ V2: 13 MB | MaGeSY®

                True Trance Sounds V1 for Sylenth1. A complete commitment to Trance music is what the demo says. In this version of True Trance Sounds, you will receive various variations of Trance sounds from magesy download variegated ARPs to smooth Pads, from magesy download powerful Leads to light Plucks. All in one set, in order to make masterpieces in a flash. True Trance Sounds V2 for Sylenth1. It’s a second part of concrete True Trance style soundpack. Just like in previous version it will blow your mind, and open the new possibility of music production. 70 perfectly tuned sounds for Trance fans. A large number of ready-made Arpeggios, and smooth pads are waiting in the wings to apply. Sylenth1 already have a large number of sound libraries, however, our sounds are made by those producers who have had a direct influence on Trance culture in the riser decade of this music. Our mission, above all – from magesy download Trance producers to Trance producers.

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